Welcome to 500 Republica. This entire fanfic archive is dedicated to the passionately tragic, eternally powerful love that
Anakin and Padme Skywalker. Their historical significance to the Star Wars universe is unparalleled. They are The
Chosen One
and his Angel.

The Jedi Knight and the Senator.  The Husband and the Wife.  The Father and the Mother.

This grand archive of stories will serve as a lasting home for their legacy. Here you will find a very select group of
authors who were chosen for their ability to write stories with a careful eye towards good grammar, plot, characterization,
detail, and all around effort. There will be no drabbles, no 300 word stories, no poems, bad spacing, bad punctuations,
zero details, or out of character behavior that isn't explained.

My name is Shawn, and I write under the name Shawn30. I have been writing Star Wars fanfic for the last 3 years now
and I am a die hard Padme/Anakin fan. In my search for good P/A fics, I've found them sprinkled here and there. But
mostly none in one place, categorized properly, and not shackled by website ratings restrictions. Here you will find
action, romance, drama, humor, suspense, and passion hot enough to melt your monitor. All categorized and rated for
easy access. The amazingly talented Kim, this site's web designer, has done an unbelievable job in creating a home
for what we hope are the very best P/A stories online today.   And to that end we will work very hard and diligently to
make the site better.

All authors posted here are hand selected by myself and Kim. Anyone who would like their work archived here must
submit a link to the story to myself or Kim for review. I warn you in advance that if we do not feel your work is up to the
level we are trying to maintain you will be denied. That does not mean every story you have written will be, so you are
free to submit as many as you like. Our requirement is that they are P/A centric in nature. Whether you write rated T or
rated MA, we welcome all stories here. Our goal is to create a very easy to navigate archive that will tend to all of your
Skywalker needs.

So, after your starship lands in Galactic City, and you take off on a air bus or sky taxi, head on over to 500 Republica.
Take a turbo lift to the very top floor where the Skywalkers live. Show your ID to Captain Typho, wave at C3PO, pat R2
on his dome, shake Obi-Wan's hand, and then take a comfortable seat and enjoy yourself. I promise you this is a place
you won't ever forget.
~ Shawn
Star Wars
belongs to Lucasfilm
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