The following rules govern what stories will be posted on this site.  Please read them
carefully before submitting stories for admission.
  1. All stories must be Anakin/Padme centric (stories with one as the main are fine, so long as they are not paired with anyone else in the story
    but each other)
  2. Stories must be clearly rated using the ratings maps located on both Varykino and The Skywalkers' Penthouse pages.
  3. No graphic material of any kind dealing with sexual abuse toward children or minors, will be accepted on the site, so don't even ask.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse any story on any grounds.
  5. Please do not email either Shawn or Kim a million times about your story and why it's not up yet.  Both have lives outside of running this site
    and will get to new stories and updates as time allows.
  6. If you have a story to submit, whether it's yours or not, please make sure to include the following: Author's Pen name, Author's email, Author's
    Web URL (if possible), name of the story, URL where the story can be found, and Rating.
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